M2M Omnichannel future-proofing their business with WordPress web design services

Providing cutting-edge Omnichannel AI Chatbot solutions, M2M Omnichannel (powered by M2M Data Connect Limited) recognized the need for a user-friendly website that would allow their customers to effortlessly explore and register for the platform. Realizing the importance of having a website that would stand the test of time, they promptly sought out WordPress web design services.

So Richard Clayton the founder of M2M Data Connect Limited commissioned Nick Banduch on 8th February 2022 to design and develop a new website for www.M2MOmnichannel.com

What we did

We initially created a fresh logo for M2M Omnichannel followed by establishing the branding for their new WordPress website. Subsequently, we crafted the website’s wireframe using the popular WordPress software along with Elementor. Known for its user-friendly interface, accessibility, customization options, and open-source nature, WordPress is constantly evolving and updating. This was the perfect solution for M2M Omnichannel to guarantee the scalability of their website as their business expanded.

The customer experience was made more efficient and additional calls to action were incorporated. We discovered improved methods for website performance, including enhanced functionality to boost loading speed – a benefit for potential customers and search engine optimization.

The WordPress web design services we provided for M2M Omnichannel were completed at a remarkably fast pace, with the new website being finished in a mere two weeks!

The business owner received comprehensive training on updating, uploading, and modifying content, giving him control over his website for the first time.

Results & Impact for the Client

The M2M Omnichannel WordPress website design boasts an impressive 100% page performance speed score, loading in just under a second (0.4s). This results in fast loading times on mobile devices.

Due to an improved and more efficient customer experience, the client is now ready to expand their marketing efforts to include Google Ads (PPC). As a result, the website is generating increased inquiries, particularly the ones desired by the owner. With marketing initiatives in full swing, M2M Omnichanne is embarking on a thrilling new chapter of their business and anticipates significant growth ahead.

The owner now has the capability to keep his website up-to-date with new and relevant content. This not only benefits Google’s search engine ranking, but also ensures that the website accurately portrays the growth of the business and features optimal content for generating inquiries from website visitors.

The site’s features and technical foundation are built to endure and expand alongside the business, making it a financially beneficial decision for the business to undergo the redesign now as a long-term strategy.

Furthermore, by making some technical adjustments, spam messages from the contact form have been minimized, allowing the owner to reclaim precious time.

“Nick Banduch, the freelance website developer, has truly impressed us with his incredible work. He is approachable and the adjustments he has made have greatly enhanced the aesthetics and user experience of the site!”

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Hi I’m Nick Banduch a freelance web designer in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. I build robust custom WordPress themes to any design. I provide web development services for agencies, large/small businesses and private individuals.

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I’m Nick Banduch a freelance web designer specialising in WordPress websites for businesses in Wiltshire and beyond. Watch out for my next FREE actionable tips and insights to improve your website.

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